Why Apprenticeships Are Important To Red & Blue

Mechanical Engineering is a highly skilled job, that’s why Red & Blue employ only the most proficient tradespeople. It’s crucial for us to bring in experts, but it’s also essential for the future of our business to train young people too. That’s why we’re a firm believer in apprenticeships.

The Benefits Of Becoming An Apprentice

Training while working on a job is the best experience a person can have. Learning the theory in a classroom can only take them so far as it doesn’t provide the experience of what working on site is really like. Learning on the job helps apprentices gain a greater understanding of the work and shows them what can go right and wrong in an on site situation. It also implements a strong work ethic early on and builds a deep trust between us as the employer and the apprentice.

Choosing an apprenticeship over studying in a classroom environment is much more beneficial because it allows the apprentice to:

  • Earn a salary as they learn with no student loans or tuition fees to pay back

  • Gain more confidence

  • Show the employer they can hit the ground running

  • Climb the career ladder much faster

Apprentices at Red & Blue learn from the very best, including previous apprentices which means they experience first-hand what hard work can achieve. We currently have one apprentice working for us with another due to start in the New Year. At Red & Blue we place real value on apprenticeships as well as our trainees once they’re qualified.

Why Apprentices Are Important To Us

Apprentices help our experienced team work much more effectively. By watching and helping their tutor, our apprentices gain experience that can’t be taught academically. Their know-how is accelerated. They’re able to take over smaller tasks sooner and contribute towards completing jobs. The result is that the apprentice feels more valued, their confidence grows and we, as a business are more efficient. This enables us to provide a higher level of service to our clients.

 There’s nothing we enjoy more than training somebody and watching them reach their career goal along the way. It improves the atmosphere in the workplace and ensures our staff retention is good. Apprentices are one a big part of the success of Red & Blue.  If you’re interested in a career in mechanical engineering, an apprenticeship with Red & Blue might be the best decision you make.